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Faux Rizzle's Translucent Powders add a unique element to your art! Each color comes in a packet in the form of white powder, but when mixed directly with resin or 91% isopropyl alcohol, produces a vibrant shade of color that will make your art pop! Each translucent powder almost seems to change color from different angles and they look best against darker colors. Match one packet to one quart of 91% isopropyl alcohol and spray mixture on top of your resin for a fun depth effect, or mix with small amounts of Faux Rizzle Resin for a transparent sheen of pigment.

Each bag of powders is comes in 20 grams. 

The best pigments

Written by Crystal Low on Apr 23rd 2020

I use Solstice and Opal in almost every painting I make. I am completely obsessed with them.


Written by Karen Wuensch on Jan 10th 2020

I take this for create pictures. The shimmering of two colors are great


Written by Jaime Garcia on Nov 25th 2019

Absolutely obsessed with the effects these translucent powders give off. I use Easter Egg in so many pieces and it always turns out stunning! I also have been using OPAL nonstop to give my pieces just the right amount of shimmer. Constantly finding new ways to incorporate these powders into my work. Love them!


Written by Elizabeth Rodriguez on Sep 24th 2019

So i tried this product out for the first time and i was blown away with how pretty it make you work looks. You can use it by its self or to enhance a finished product . Love it love it love it!

Translucents are my favorite!

Written by Lauren Smith on Sep 11th 2019

It adds the perfect finishing touch to most of my resin artwork.

Translucent Powders

Written by Evelyn on Aug 1st 2019

These colors are so much fun to use! They look white but change colors when looking from different angles. The colors are so subtle and gorgeous! Absolutely love!


Written by Elke on Jul 30th 2019

The translucent opal is pretty amazing. it‘s shimmering splendid. I love it

Translucent Gold

Written by Brenda Mosal on Feb 28th 2018

The translucent gold is simply stunning! It easily changes it's look through manipulation thereby creating a variety of different results. I am enchanted with this particular color!

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