Solar Flare

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These powders are sure to dazzle, as UV light makes them transition from one color to another! Each one of these sun-kissed shades can be mixed with 91% isopropyl alcohol and sprayed onto your resin art to get a marbled, cell, or depth effect that changes color when exposed to UV light! You can also incorporate our Solar Flare powders to pigment up to 1 quart of Faux Rizzle Resin to full opacity, or as little as you’d like for a more transparent look – either way, you’ll see a flare of color when you expose your final product to UV light and activate the color shifting properties of these fun powders!


Each bag of powder is comes in 10 grams. 


Written by Karen Wuensch on Jan 10th 2020

I test it for tumbler. It's a great effect!!

My favorite!

Written by Taneesha Hardy on Dec 18th 2019

I finally got the chance to try these and absolutely love them! I was shocked how dark in color they went when I took them outside. (I just used them in magnets) I hope there will be more colors in the future because I am absolutely obsessed. 10/10!!

Awesome Effect!

Written by Jaime Garcia on Nov 25th 2019

I am so floored with these powders. I love the smooth color shift as the pieces are exposed to UV light. The colors also settle back to their usual whiteish-tint evenly and smoothly. Makes for really awesome effects in jewelry or functional art.

Like magic!

Written by Ms. SensitiveBadass on Nov 5th 2019

Such a neat product! I can’t wait for more colors!

Solar Flare

Written by Ilka Abbé on Oct 4th 2019

The colorshifting of the Solar Flare pigments is amazing! I already tried the hue Strawberry Milkshake and it turns from almost white to a bright pink in the sunlight. Great to create some resin projects with a surprise effect!

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