Rizzle Resist



 Rizzle Resist is a brand new top layer coating that provides an extra layer of defense for your beautiful works of art. As a top layer, it adds a coating that can be as thin as 2 microns. What this layer lacks in thickness, it makes up for in protection, as it adds a level of scratch resistance, heat resistance, and UV resistance to your projects that will truly blow you away! Its heat resistance is 800 degrees, it repels water and dirt, is remarkably flexible, and increases scratch resistance beyond even that of our already scratch-resistant epoxy! We feel that adding this layer of protection to your products while maintaining the shine and color depth our epoxy already displays is a truly revolutionary game changer!

  • Temperature resistant up to 800 degrees
  • UV resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Increases durability

To apply Rizzle Resist, pour a small amount onto your surface, and apply with a micro fiber cloth for 2 minutes. Use the minimum amount possible to give your surface a wet look wait 10 minutes and buff out your project! –And remember a little of this goes a long way!

Please note that exposing Rizzle Resist to oxygen for an extended period of time will compromise the integrity of the product.

Rizzle Resist

Written by Patti on Jan 10th 2020

I highly recommend this product. I create functional art and use this on my finished products. The added benefit of using this is the increase to 800 degrees for heat resistance and the scratch resistance is key. A little goes a long way and I will continue using this added protection for all of my work.

Great Product!

Written by Jessica Greve on Oct 7th 2019

I love Rizzle Resist. I use it on ceramic tile coasters, and I can feel the difference it makes on the surface. It makes me happy to be able to sell products that have that extra layer of protection added to the already amazing Faux Rizzle UV Art Resin.

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