Metallic Hues

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Faux Rizzle's Metallic Powders come in 32 dynamic shades! Each color pack can be mixed with 91% isopropyl alcohol and sprayed onto your resin art to get a marbled, cell, or depth effect. You can also incorporate the powder to pigment up to 1 quart of Faux Rizzle Resin to full opacity, or as little as you'd like for a more transparent look. Powders can be combined for endless custom color options for your art! We even offer a shade that glows in the dark... be sure to check out Alien Glow for that effect! 


My Go To Powder!

Written by Daphne Kraft on Jul 6th 2020

These colors are so rich and vibrant! I love the slight metallic look they have- it makes my resin pieces really pop. I have nothing but good words!! The only powders I will ever get!

Metallic Hues

Written by Lela Kyle on Jan 26th 2020

This is an amazing product that makes me coloring thing so much more beautiful. Thanks


Written by Lauren on Jan 15th 2020

Everything from fauxrizzle is amazing. It I definitely love these metallic pigments. They are so shiny and make every piece look so beautiful. I have compared these to many other brands and always come back to fauxrizzle!! Highly recommend!! Also, the periwinkle is such a unique pigment color and makes every piece stand out!!

The best!

Written by Karen Wuensch on Jan 10th 2020

The best pigments for me


Written by Jaime Garcia on Nov 25th 2019

These metallic hues are HANDS DOWN my favorite pigments to work with. I love that there is a wide range of color types and a little powder goes a very long way! I've made countless resin pieces with these powders so far and I still have tons left over. The pearlescent and color-shift effects on some of these metallics look PERFECT in resin art. Can't wait to see what new colors they come up with!


Written by Jessica Greve on Nov 10th 2019

The metallics are amazing. The colors are so rich and beautiful!

Perfect pigments!

Written by Hannah Goold on Oct 23rd 2019

Absolutely LOVE these metallic pigments. I have nearly all the colours they’re so rich in colour and so unique!


Written by Karen Wünsch on Oct 2nd 2019

The metallic shades are just awesome. I love the colors with their charming shimmer

metallic hues

Written by Ilka Abbé on Sep 20th 2019

These hues are very easy to mix with resin, you just need a little bit to color it. The colors are so beautiful and special, even more when you mix it into the resin. Haven't found hues like this somewhere else!

Gorgeous Colours

Written by Molly Whitebear on Sep 3rd 2019

LOVE these gorgeous Metallic Hues! My favourite is the breathtaking Regina George, but they are all awesome!

Metallic Hues

Written by Evelyn on Aug 1st 2019

The colors are absolutely gorgeous!! Hope I can try every single one!

Metallic Hues

Written by Amanda on Jul 12th 2019

Gorgeous, vibrant colors, mix beautifully into epoxy and are super easy to use. I own about half of them and I can't wait to get the rest! I definitely recommend!

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