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Add a splish-splash of Juicy Hues into Resin! 

  • Juicy Hues are designed to be added to Faux Rizzle Resin as a coloring additive for tinting resin only.
  • They're also a great way to create cell effects!
  • Juicy Hues come in a 8oz bottle.


Juicy Hues Ratios:

6oz Per Gallon Resin

3oz for 2 Quarts of Resin

1/2 oz for 8oz of Resin


NOTE: If Juicy Hues are not mixed with resin, they will STAY juicy - make sure you mix your Juicy Hues with your resin before application or they will not dry! 

8oz Bottle



Written by Shelly Hill on Jun 24th 2020

Juicy hues are magic! a little of the pigment is so rich and gorgeous in my paintings

A little goes a long way

Written by Angela on Feb 5th 2020

I love how pigmented these resin colors are. And the black ist really black.

Killer Pigment!

Written by Krista Carpenter on Jan 20th 2020

What is in this stuff? A little goes a long way, and the color is amazing! This form of color adds the coolest cell effects, perfect for ocean art! I will be recommending to everyone! You guys could easily raise your price on the Juicy Hues, they are sooooo great!

Super pigmented - a little goes a long way!

Written by Jaime Garcia on Nov 25th 2019

A little DEFINITELY goes a long way. I've had larger pours (12-16 ounces) that are turned opaque with just a bit of the Juicy Hues mixed in. My favorites are the black and white hues - i use them constantly and it has barely made a dent in the jar. The black always turns out shiny and even and the white is perfect for making mica or pigment powders POP in your pieces.

Juicy Hues

Written by Kari Oribello on Nov 8th 2019

I'm blown away by how easy these are to use, and how little you need to get a really good saturation of color. White album is the best white I've found for lacy cells. I use these to base coat tumblers and it works perfectly!


Written by Hannah Collins on Nov 2nd 2019

These juicy hues are incredible! Highly pigmented, a little goes a long way! They create beautiful effects when mixed with fauxrizzle metallic colours. The white album makes the most beautiful cells/lacing. I love them!!

High pigmented pastes

Written by Kristina Karg on Oct 21st 2019

The colors are so vibrant and you need not much. A little goes for a looooooooong way! Im in love with the Neptune and White Album Hues. White Album is perfect for creating cells, like for the seashore paintings.

I love hues!!

Written by Karen Wünsch on Oct 2nd 2019

I got the Passion Hues and am in love. I always looked for a real berry red. It's awesome!!

Juicy Hues, Yes Please!

Written by NusSeaDesigns on Sep 1st 2019

I bought White Album to create a base for a soccer themed tumbler I was making and I loved this product! It is so easy to use, the coverage is amazing and you need very little to make a big impact. I would love to see this pigment in smaller containers, perhaps squeeze bottles, to make use a bit easier. Otherwise, it is basically a perfect pigmentation product.

Neptune and white Album

Written by Elke on Jul 30th 2019

The colors are so brilliant and you need very little. Faux Rizzle does not promise too much. They are really beautiful. I fell in love with Neptune and white album. Unfortunately I could not buy all Juicy Colors. Next time

Juicy Hu....... holy cow!!

Written by Ms. Sensitive Badass on Jul 11th 2019

Wow! I didn’t understand this product at first, but now that I’ve used it, I’m in love! If you are trying to find a super pigmented color for your artwork, look no further! Juicy Hues pack a color punch! I would like to see it in a smaller jar size, a little goes a long way so I’m not sure I’ll use it all before the year shelf life. As mentioned, a squeeze bottle may be better for mixing into resin.

Very pigmented!

Written by TheTopazTwins on Jul 9th 2019

I normally mix about 7 ounces of resin at a time and a little goes a long way! It is incredibly pigmented. I love it! It is very easy to get cells with Juicey Hues. I would love to see a smaller container though, possibly in a squirt bottle? Or even a sampler pack!

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