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Faux Rizzle Glitters can be incorporated directly into your resin for a fun sparkly effect! Add a little for a subtle shimmer or add a lot for the ultimate reflective appearance! Glitters come in 13 different color options and can be mixed and matched with any of our Metallic Powder colors!

Each bag of powders is comes in 20 grams. 


Written by Karen Wuensch on Mar 17th 2020

This glitter are fantastic!! Sometimes i mix it... This is great!!


Written by Lisa on Jan 14th 2020

I love the entire range of Faux Rizzle glitter, it's extremely fine and a little goes a long way! My absolute go to is Snowcus Pocus and I will also sprinkle it over a fresh acrylic pour. Other favorites are Flamingo, sapphire and Godzilla.

Glittery and Eye-Catching

Written by Jaime Garcia on Nov 25th 2019

Love these glitters! There are lots of unique color options that aren't usually available in stores. Prince definitely has to be my favorite. it's a super rich and holographic purple and SHINES like crazy.

Nice quality great price!

Written by Carrie Farmer on Nov 4th 2019

I purchased the snowcus pocus and the sapphire and was pleased with both but I am absolutely in love with the Snowcus Pocus! It is so glittery and shiny I want to add it to all my projects now!


Written by Ilka Abbé on Sep 20th 2019

These glitters are amazing, they are very intense! You can mix them pure into your resin or together with other pigments and they are still very visible. My favorites are Galaxy, Prince and Sapphire.

Snowcus pocus

Written by Andrea on Sep 10th 2019

Absolutely love the snowcus pocus. It’s perfect for adding sparkle to any epoxy piece.


Written by Thetopaztwins on Jul 18th 2019

I’m convinced this is the finest, smallest little specs of glitter on the market. It goes on your art so evenly because of how small each spec of glitter is. It is absolutely beautiful. I have put the “stardust” shade in almost every piece. It really makes it pop! All the glitters are amazing.

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