Faux Rizzle Nouveau


As part of Faux Rizzle ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the best quality epoxy/resin on the market, we have designed this product to be healthier, cleaner, and safer, especially for those with resin allergies. Specifically, we have removed four specific ingredients that have been identified as having harmful side effects, which include triggering allergic reactions in those with a sensitivity to resin. Those ingredients and their side effects are:


  • Hormonal disruption (endocrine)

  • Extreme aquatic toxicity

  • Skin and eye irritation

  • Reproductive harm

  • Birth defects

  • Promotes proliferation of breast cancer cells


  • Hormonal disruption, especially in fetuses, babies, and children

  • Brain and behavior problems

  • Cancer

  • Heart problems

Isobenzyl Alcohol: 

  • Application site irritation, reduced sensation, and/or loss of sensation

  • Severe itching

  • Reddening of the skin

  • Irritation of the eye

  • Vision problems

  • Pain

  • Rashing

Trifunctional Amines:

  • Severe skin burns

  • Eye damage

  • If inhaled, destructive to respiratory tissues

  • Individuals who experience less severe reactions can still experience:

    • Application site irritation, reduced sensation, and/or loss of sensation

    • Severe itching

    • Reddening of the skin

    • Irritation of the eye

    • Vision problems

    • Pain

    • Rashing

In removing these harmful ingredients, we not only created a safer, healthier, and hypoallergenic resin, we ended up creating an resin that is clearer, cures harder, and has an easier to mix viscosity. While we always recommend the use of adequate PPE and ventilation procedures when working with any chemicals, we stand by the health and safety benefits of our new resin. 

Nouveau’s benefits include:

  • Easier to pump and mix due to identical viscosity between parts A and B
  • Cures 30% harder than other resins
  • Increased scratch-resistance
  • Crystal clear transparency for Parts A and B
  • Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • BPA-free
  • No benzyl alcohol
  • No nonylphenol
  • No toxic fumes or solvents
  • Extremely UV resistant

Please note that Nouveau was not developed with thin-mil applications in mind, including tumblers.
While it is possible to pour a tumbler with Nouveau and achieve a smooth, crystal-clear, glossy finish, it
does require some extra attention to do so. Reach out to our staff if you have any questions on how to
use Nouveau to make your next tumbler!

Various sizes include:

  • 2 quart kit = 1 quart part A + 1 quart part B
  • 1 gallon kit = 2 quarts part A + 2 quarts part B
  • 2 gallon kit = 1 gallon part A + 1 gallon part B



MIXING RATIO: 1 to 1 by Vol Look over both containers before use.

1. Measure 1 part HARDENER (B) to 1 part RESIN (A).

2. Hardener should ALWAYS be poured into the mixing container first, then your Resin.

3. Mix slowly for 3 minutes with a clean, non-porous mixing stick e.g. metal or silicone. Do not use wooden sticks. Scrape the sides and the bottom of the bucket often to pull any unmixed product off the container walls.

4. Now take your mixed Nouveau and pour all contents into a new, clean container. If Juicy Hues, Metallic Hues or glitter was purchased, this is when you would mix it in.

5. Mix in the new container for an additional 3 minutes. Failing to switch containers and mixing for a full 6 minutes will result in an incurable surface including soft spots. 6. If pouring a thin-mill surface such as a tumbler, after mixing let product sit in container for 10-15 minutes, or until it has reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Failure to do so may result in fisheyes or other issues.

WARNING! Product left in container after this point may result in product curing in mixing container. 

Best for applications of a 100 mil thickness.

Faux Rizzle Nouveau

Written by Maria Fontaine on Jun 13th 2020

Though i am still fairly new to the resin fame I have been pouring exclusively with your products. The Faux Rizzle Art Resin I started with after having 2 gallons for a few months just sitting... anxious to begin. Then Covid hit and I needed something to distract And preserve my mind so I dove in. Poured Pyramids and coasters with amazing results. Then I ordered the Nouveau on Luxarts recommendation and I am in LOVE. Feel much safer and it is just flawless. I keep on ordering I’m so afraid to run out!!


Written by Shelly Hill on Jun 3rd 2020

The absolute best resin!! It cures crystal clear and faster. If you’re looking for more control with your artwork then this is your star!!

AMAZING resin!

Written by Sheena waterfield on May 13th 2020

I kept seeing my fellow resin artists raving about this resin. So, I naturally ran here and ordered it! I’m so glad I did! It’s amazing to work with, little smell, and great working time. It hardens like non other! Everything you hear about this, is true and more!! I don’t have anything bad to say about it!! Try it if you haven’t!

So glad I found this!

Written by @ink.hippie on Apr 27th 2020

I love this resin! It works exactly how I want it to with the ocean art I do. It makes really good lacing for waves

Awesome Resin!

Written by Amanda Witt on Apr 22nd 2020

So I will admit that I am a HUGE FRUV fan but since the smaller containers were out, I bought this one to try it. I am so glad I did! Cures super clear and makes my pendants just sparkle! I do highly recommend doing EVERYTHING the instructions say though, including letting it sit for 10-15 min. If you don’t some areas will turn out funky. After i figured that out though I was super impressed! Also doesn’t have that super strong chemical smell the other resins have! LOVE!

Faux Rizzle Nouveau

Written by Faux Rizzle Nouveau on Mar 17th 2020

The best resin!! I take it for all.... Pictures, Tumbler... All!!

Faux Rizzle Nouveau has a learning curve for tumblers

Written by Kenna Murdock on Feb 24th 2020

It's took me several tries, some tears, and a call to customer service to figure this product out. Once I did, it is AMAZING!! Dried crystal clear and very few bubbles. love it love it love it!

Absolutely amazing product

Written by Jessica on Feb 5th 2020

I was really scared of using this at first due to rumors! I emailed them with my concerns. I got clarity, reassurance, and step by step instructions on the BEST way to use this product on tumblers. I did EXACTLY what they told me to do and I’m so glad I used it! The finish was like glass, dries harder than other brands, and didn’t give me migraines or any other reactions! Will differently order nouveau again and again!

Faux Rizzle Nouveau

Written by Wendy MacDougall on Jan 30th 2020

Faux Rizzle Nouveau is the ‘creme de la creme’ of art resins!! Easy to measure and stir, bubbles torch out with ease, great amount of work time, crystal clear, sooo durable, and EXCELLENT heat resistance!!! I’m over the moon with love!!!


Written by Karen Wuensch on Jan 10th 2020

I just tested it again and right away. Was very surprised by the gloss and the easy processing. It is bubble free than the UV. But I will continue to use both.

Best Epoxy Yet!

Written by Krista Atteberry on Jan 9th 2020

This epoxy is AMAZING! The clarity is really good, very small amount of bubbles that easily come out with a heat gun, sets up fast, and has a really nice uniform coverage. It goes on so smooth! I definitely found my new go to epoxy!!!

So easy & versatile

Written by Chris A O on Dec 26th 2019

I love being able to use Faux Rizzle with complete confidence for multiple types of products - from jewelry to table top items (like toothpick holders & even shakers). It lets me create custom pieces that match customers' color/design requests.

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