Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV

Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV - Ultra Clear Ultra UV Resistant Art Resin. Pours like liquid glass! Apply over creative art pieces, photos, wine corks, pennies, or virtually any artistic medium, making colors pop with 3D brilliance. Faux Rizzle may be poured up to 1/2" thick layers at one time with no bubbles or haziness for a non-yellowing, crystal clear finish. Safe and non-toxic with No VOCs, fumes or solvents, our art resin is non-flammable & non-hazardous with easy application, no respirator required.  

Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV is more UV and heat resistant than the our standard resin. Use this epoxy for projects that will be in direct sunlight or on objects that will be come in contact with direct heat. 

Product temperature may lower dramatically during transit this time of year. The product and ambient temperature must be between 70°-75° when mixing. Lower temperatures will affect the integrity of the cured epoxy. Please acclimate your epoxy to a 70 degree room first before use.

This resin has the amazing 

  • Rock hard Durability
  • Ultra 3D Ultra Clear 
  • Ultra UV Resistant
  • Heat-resistant (up to 500F/260C)
  • Endless Color Design
  • Safe, non-toxic, safe for home use
  • Zero VOC - No Odor
  • Non-flammable
  • No toxic fumes or solvents
  • No need to wear respirator 
  • Easy application

Faux Rizzle Art Resin may be used to preserve, brighten and enhance colors over: 

  • Photos
  • Watercolors
  • Paintings
  • Inkjet Prints
  • Cardboard
  • Puzzles
  • Bottle Tops
  • Wine Corks
  • Pennies
  • Natural Objects
  • Wood
  • Rocks
  • 3D Crafts
  • Embellishments
  • Jewelry
  • Coasters
  • Sculptures
  • Skateboards
  • Sea Shells
  • Bar Tops
  • Mixed Media
  • Virtually Anything!

Various sizes include:

  • 2 quart kit = 1 quart part A + 1 quart part B
  • 1 gallon kit = 2 quarts part A + 2 quarts part B
  • 2 gallon kit = 1 gallon part A + 1 gallon part B

Faux rizzle uv

Written by Lindsay on Jan 15th 2020

This is MY GO TO epoxy, best epoxy I've used on my journey to find something that works for me! For me I do not notice a smell and it mixes easily!


Written by Tiffani on Jan 10th 2020

My absolute favorite epoxy! I always use less than what I did with other epoxys. No smell, and no yellowing. I love this epoxy, I am a forever customer


Written by Patti on Jan 10th 2020

This is my resin of choice. I have used others and they don’t compare. The durability, quick cure time and rock hard surface have won me over for life!

Faux Rizzle Art Resin

Written by Nancy Davis on Dec 31st 2019

This is the very first time I've used resin, and it was a piece of cake. I resined six pieces at once. Three of them ended up with tiny fuzz or dust particles in them (not the fault of the resin), so I sanded the particles out with 160 grit sandpaper and re-resined them. All pieces came out beautiful, both the ones with one coat and the ones with two coats. I did find some of the bubbles stubborn and difficult to eliminate, but with a toothpick, patience and my trusty butane torch, I won! I see no reason to use any other art resin. My first is my last. Good stuff!

AWESOME--- my go to!

Written by Joyce Sher on Dec 31st 2019

This is pretty much the resin I use for everything. I get consistent results and it cures rock hard. Accepts pigments and glitters well.

Faux Rizzle UV

Written by Jordan Trubenstein on Dec 26th 2019

While the product itself is amazing and I love using it, I’m going to start looking for a different brand of Resin for my crafting business. The Resin is higher quality and you pay for that quality, but the staff is not very friendly, especially when you call into the office after receiving an email to call into the office if the wait time of over 10 business days. Purchased my Resin almost a month before it actual ally got to me (17 business days). Called in on day 11 to see if my order would ship soon, and figure out what was going on and was told that it’ll ship soon. That’s it. No actual dates, no rough estimate, just we’ll get to your order when we can and it’ll ship soon..... Very displeased. Overall, I’ve had very few complaints about this Resin and usually it works wonders for me, but with wait times being almost a month out, I’d have had to order more resin days ago for a shipment I just got to make sure I had some when I run out in 2-3 weeks.


Written by Megan Springer on Dec 18th 2019

I’ve used other products before Faux Rizzle UV, and I will never go back! I always get a crystal clear finish! I get very few bubbles and if I do they are very easy to get rid of! Company is wonderful, and I always get fast response when I have questions!


Written by Jennifer Payne on Dec 10th 2019

Faux Rizzle Uv surpassed my expectations, after trying several other resins and the customer service goes above and beyond.

Great and Clear resin

Written by Julia Kulyk on Dec 4th 2019

I have tried quite a few resins in my years as a resin artist, and quite a few of them are very good. Faux Rizzle is great. It is clear, it is not very bubbly after my vigorous mixing and the bubbles are easy to pop and the finish is really clear which is awesome when you make a casting or layers.

UV Resin

Written by Mr Nola on Dec 2nd 2019

Great products from this great company. Easy to use, prices are great.

Amazing Resin

Written by Ivy LePour Art on Nov 27th 2019

I've worked with several different resins in various price ranges and this resin is absolutely amazing to work with. I order the UV resin and the consistency and workability is so easy to work with and so far no yellowing that I've had with other resins, that's what made me try this one to begin with and the no voc is awesome. I've had reactions with others that I don't get with this! Thank you Faux Rizzle!

Best Resin Hands Down - and I've tried MANY!

Written by Jaime Garcia on Nov 25th 2019

I've tried many other resin brands before coming across Faux Rizzle and thought each one was great. However, after my first Fauz Rizzle piece demolding, I knew this resin was superior to all of the others I've tried previously. The pieces cure ROCK HARD and this resin just has a whole other level of clarity and "completeness" in it's final products. It is super scratch resistant and makes your pieces look high quality. This is the only resin I will use from now on. It's set the bar WAY high! Can't wait to create more with this. :)

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