Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV + - Better for Tumblers

***PLEASE NOTE: SHIPPING TIMES ARE EXTENDED. - You will receive your product within a few weeks of the date the order was placed. ***
Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV  - Better for Tumblers - Healthiest Epoxy on the Market - Ultra Clear Ultra UV Resistant Art Resin. Pours like liquid glass! Apply over creative art pieces, photos, wine corks, pennies, or virtually any artistic medium, making colors pop with 3D brilliance. Faux Rizzle may be poured up to 1/2" thick layers at one time with no bubbles or haziness for a non-yellowing, crystal clear finish. Safe and non-toxic with No VOCs, fumes or solvents, our art resin is non-flammable & non-hazardous with easy application, no respirator required.  

Product temperature may lower dramatically during transit this time of year. The product and ambient temperature must be between 70°-75° when mixing. Lower temperatures will affect the integrity of the cured epoxy. Please acclimate your epoxy to a 70 degree room first before use.

This resin has the amazing 

  • Rock hard Durability
  • Ultra 3D Ultra Clear 
  • Ultra UV Resistant
  • Heat-resistant (up to 500F/260C)
  • Endless Color Design
  • Safe, non-toxic, safe for home use
  • Zero VOC - No Odor
  • Non-flammable
  • No toxic fumes or solvents
  • No need to wear respirator 
  • Easy application

Faux Rizzle Art Resin may be used to preserve, brighten and enhance colors over: 

  • Coat Tumblers or Mugs
  • Photos
  • Watercolors
  • Paintings
  • Inkjet Prints
  • Cardboard
  • Puzzles
  • Bottle Tops
  • Wine Corks
  • Pennies
  • Natural Objects
  • Wood
  • Rocks
  • 3D Crafts
  • Embellishments
  • Jewelry
  • Coasters
  • Sculptures
  • Skateboards
  • Sea Shells
  • Bar Tops
  • Mixed Media
  • Virtually Anything!

Various sizes include:

  • 2 quart kit = 1 quart part A + 1 quart part B *NOTE* - This size is not available due to bottle sizes not available at this time
  • 1 gallon kit = 2 quarts part A + 2 quarts part B
  • 2 gallon kit = 1 gallon part A + 1 gallon part B

UV+ resin

Written by Shealyn on May 15th 2020

Best resin hands down! I have used others and this is the best...fast cure, cures hard, minimal bubbles, low odor...never sticky and super easy to work with. Order ahead of time cause it will take time to get. Customer service is outstanding! The ladies in the office always go above and beyond!

Faux fizzle uv

Written by Marlene on May 13th 2020

Love. I have not had any bad experience and product is crystal clear. Shipping had a note that maybe delayed but I recurved it sooner than I was expecting


Written by Patty on May 11th 2020

My absolute favorite uv resin ever! I had tried others in the past but no need since discovering FR. Beautiful, clear, hard cure with very little bubbles. Any bubbles I do get are easily removed. Very easy to work with. LOVE my fr uv.

Hands down the best resin I have used

Written by Crystal Low on Apr 23rd 2020

I have been using resin for 3 years now and I have tried numerous brands. I have experienced cracking, yellowing, bubbles, fish eyes and resin that is easily scratched. Faux Rizzle is crystal clear and hard as a rock. There is no resin I trust more.

Faux Rizzle UV

Written by Kendiss Scott on Mar 24th 2020

I absolutely LOVE this product. I’ve tried other brands while this was on backorder but ended up throwing them in the trash. Nothing compares to this brand. It’s just the best. I’ve definitely learned recently to order it well before I usually need to as it’s been on backorder lately so it’s taking longer to get shipped. However, it’s worth the wait because no other brand compares.

FR UV is perfect!!

Written by Wendy MacDougall on Mar 13th 2020

This resin is extremely easy to use, and is completely versatile for all my needs! I use it on coasters, and even in the coaster moulds! I can still pour it fairly thick in trays, too, without ‘having’ to use the casting resin. It’s clear, non-yellowing, rock hard, and has excellent heat resistance...all very important features for my business!!

My absolutely favorite resin

Written by Melanie malia on Feb 22nd 2020

I love faux rizzle Uv resin and absolutely love the company . Luckily this was the third resin I experimented with. Third times a charm right? I love that it doesn’t yellow and creates a rock hard finish. It makes me happy that I make functional art that can have up to 500 degrees placed upon it! This is my go to resin for bringing my galaxies into existence. Thanks faux rizzle!


Written by Amanda on Feb 12th 2020

This is the only epoxy I use! It is great! The customer service is also great! When I ordered it said my item was on backorder so I inquired about a timeframe and to my surprise I was told it was actually in stock!! I actually received my item before the 7-10 business day shipping timeframe!! I love it!!! Thank you!!!

FR yesss

Written by Courtney Price on Feb 4th 2020

I have to brag on this company and the way they treated me! I had the most awful luck during the Christmas season. I order epoxy in plenty of time to keep up with orders and usps “lost” it temporarily I contacted FR and they promised they would keep an eye on it which they did the emailed me the day it was received only the box was damaged and epoxy was everywhere it was a huge mess. Even though none of this was their fault they shipped me out new bottles the next day which where again lost in transit for forever FR then just issued me a credit (which I waited till after Christmas to use and zero shipping issues this time). I love this product and the new Nouveau which I was lucky enough to try and it’s wonderful for someone like me with major epoxy allergies. I always use my PPE but FR UV is the only epoxy I’ve found that doesn’t cause major reactions for me. Thanks for the great product!!!!

Faux rizzle uv

Written by Lindsay on Jan 15th 2020

This is MY GO TO epoxy, best epoxy I've used on my journey to find something that works for me! For me I do not notice a smell and it mixes easily!


Written by Tiffani on Jan 10th 2020

My absolute favorite epoxy! I always use less than what I did with other epoxys. No smell, and no yellowing. I love this epoxy, I am a forever customer


Written by Patti on Jan 10th 2020

This is my resin of choice. I have used others and they don’t compare. The durability, quick cure time and rock hard surface have won me over for life!

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