Working with Resin during winter!

Working with Resin during winter!

Published by Jobeth Seanor on Nov 24th 2020

As we transition into the colder months of the year, your Resin may need some extra TLC. Take a look at our cold weather tips and tricks!

Resin looking foggy/cloudy when delivered?!

-Resin doesn’t necessarily travel in first class with the luxury of a climate-controlled environment, odds are it will arrive cold and perhaps ever so slightly foggy or cloudy looking. Bring your resin into your warm home and allow it to adjust to a warmer temperature indoors for at least 24 hours prior to working with it. It will naturally clear up and be ready to work with!

Need to work with your Resin right away? Hot water bath yay or nay?

-We don’t advocate hot baths mainly because the water will simply warm up the Resin closest to the outsides of the bottle while the core temperatures remain the same. Working with resin that is not at the proper temperature is one of the main reasons you might see a soft cure. Bringing the product indoors, and giving it enough time to adjust to proper temperatures, is the best practice.

You brought your Resin inside your home, waited the 24hours, and your Resin is still looking pretty thick... What's going on?

-The product can be stored in an environment between 55-75 degrees. In order to work with it successfully, it needs to be in an environment where not just the ambient temperatures are between 70-75 degrees, but also the surface temperature of where the resin has been sitting. We strongly recommend having a temperature gun on hand every time you work with Resin. Temperature guns are useful tools for Resin enthusiasts!

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