• Working with Resin during winter!

    Nov 24th 2020

    Working with Resin during winter!

    As we transition into the colder months of the year, your Resin may need some extra TLC. Take a look at our cold weather tips and tricks!Resin looking foggy/cloudy when delivered?! -Resin doesn’t nece…

    Published by Jobeth Seanor

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  • ​5 Tips for Beginning Resin Artists

    Jul 17th 2020

    ​5 Tips for Beginning Resin Artists

    5 Tips for Beginning Resin ArtistsWe’ve all been there. Starting something new can be difficult. It’s not always the most cost-effective or speediest option to learn a new craft through trial and erro…

    Published by Ethan Storeng

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  • ​5 Summer art projects!

    Jun 18th 2020

    ​5 Summer art projects!

    As the days grow longer and the sun blisters down on us, the majority seem to have more time on our hands. Here are some ideas for a summer art project for you or your family, all of which will be abl…

    Published by Robert Valentine

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  • Resin Gift Idea Guide

    Dec 13th 2019

    Resin Gift Idea Guide

    Have you been searching and searching for that perfect present? Do you always see similar items, but no one seems to have that exact gift you’re looking for? A resin gift might just be the answer you…

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  • How to Make a Log Lamp

    Oct 24th 2019

    How to Make a Log Lamp

    Are you looking to spice up your house and give it some new light? What if you could create a one of a kind lamp from wood and resin?With Faux Rizzle, this log lamp is not only possible, but achievabl…

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  • How to Make Ocean Coasters

    Oct 2nd 2019

    How to Make Ocean Coasters

    Are you getting tired of the same boring coasters laying around on your table every day? Do you wish to change the look of the coasters without having to purchase new ones?Don’t fret, because Faux Riz…

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  • Resin Art Techniques

    Aug 9th 2019

    Resin Art Techniques

    Have you scrolled through your social media, and seen your friends create beautiful resin projects? Maybe you’ve seen some of our amazing Faux Rizzle projects we’ve created lately. Then thought to you…

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  • Faux Rights & Faux Wrongs

    Jul 25th 2019

    Faux Rights & Faux Wrongs

    There's so many Resins out there that it gets confusing how each one works! We made this cheat sheet that is only for Faux Rizzle Resins!  Don’t: Leave your epoxy in the container past the…

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