​5 Summer art projects!

​5 Summer art projects!

Published by Robert Valentine on Jun 18th 2020

As the days grow longer and the sun blisters down on us, the majority seem to have more time on our hands. Here are some ideas for a summer art project for you or your family, all of which will be able to be crafted with our amazing epoxy/resin!

For all of these projects, we would first like to recommend creating a safe and protected area to begin your work. Our epoxy is a resilient product and can cause issues to homes and workspaces if not properly protected. We recommend laying plastic around your workspace and wearing “shop” clothes while working, as well as making sure not to track any epoxy off of the protected working space. We also suggest propping your pieces up in order to let excess resin flow off. Epoxy can be easily cleaned off solid surfaces with isopropyl alcohol if caught quickly enough. This is why we suggest cleaning while you work, it will make your life and protecting your workspace easier.

1.Desk or Table

This is one of the biggest uses of epoxy. We suggest using our sister companies large batch epoxies for larger tables. Find a desk or table you would like to update or create an enclosed area to build your own. You can lay the wood in the enclosed area if you’d like to create a wood and epoxy table, but make sure to cure the wood with epoxy first to reduce the chance of air bubbles. Mix your product using the instructions on the package. Remember to keep your area as clean as possible but have fun and get artistic! Give the epoxy the correct amount of time to cure mattering on your product and creation. If you created your own table make sure when you go to install the legs you measure carefully.

Check out these tips and tricks for making different types of tables!

Gradient Table: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDf0a6YbP6M



2. DIY picture

The true summer art project. Minimal supplies needed to create an art studio for your family. Get a few MDF boards (size is up to you), purchase one of our epoxy kits, and pick up whatever colors you’d like! Set up your boards propped up, and don’t forget to lay plastic over your working space, begin to mix the epoxy with the instructions on the product. If there are multiple people making pictures then you can have each person mix their own or mix one plain batch and add the colors later. Create your masterpiece and let it settle. Feel free to clean up any messes while you are working. It's easier to keep up with and you will be less likely to make an error! Visit any of our many tutorials on how to create specific effects to bring your art to life!

Check out our resin art techniques to add to your piece!


3. Terrarium

One of my personal favorites, creating a terrarium! Once again minimal supplies needed and fully up to your discretion. Find what you wish to put in your terrarium (this can range from rocks and shells to figurines) as well as an enclosed container of any type. Mix a small batch of the casting epoxy and lay a thin base down to hold your terrarium in place! Set up your terrarium the way you want it to look. After it has cured, you can begin creating the casting epoxy with the instructions on the product. Make sure the thin layer of epoxy has fully cured to not move pieces while pouring. Slowly fill the container as to not move your terrarium, and use isopropyl in a mist to pull the air out of the piece! Let the epoxy settle and cast, creating an amazing and durable terrarium!

4. Jewelry

Why not make something you can take with you? Create beautiful jewelry with our resin. First and foremost you will want to find molds for whatever accessory you plan on crafting. We suggest silicone molds due to variety and ease. Once you are set up you will want to roughly estimate the amount of resin you will need. Follow the instructions on the product to mix accurately and to add colors correctly. Afterward, you will want to pour the resin into the mold, if you are planning on putting something in the jewelry we suggest only filling it halfway and placing the desired piece in. For those molding around an item, you will want to wait until the bottom resin is cast to finish pouring to ensure no movement from the item. Those not casting an item you can fill the mold with resin. If you are looking to add after effect you can use a toothpick to drag through the resin creating patterns. Let the resin fully cast by waiting the instructed time on the product before removing from the mold. If the jewelry has any rough or sharp edges you can sand them down using fine-grade sandpaper and polish the product to see them shine.

5. Tumblers….duh!

Create a personalized tumbler that will not only be the envy of those around you but also resilient and durable. Grab any tumbler you can find, and prepare a working space for your masterpiece! We suggest using our Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV for tumblers. Mix the product following the instructions on the packaging and let your artistic side out! First, you will want to prep your tumbler by adding a very thin clear coat to the tumbler. Make sure to spread evenly and use a heat gun to remove air bubbles that cause imperfections! Create the colored resin’s you like to add to the tumbler. After you’ve finished adding the colors to your tumbler let it continue to spin in order to keep the resin from falling off. Once again use the heat gun to remove any air bubbles on the tumbler while not overheating the resin. When you are satisfied with the tumbler let it continue to spin for 6-8 hours for the resin to settle and thicken. Clean up the edges using a sharp razor blade and wait 72 hours before using it!

Check out our how-to on making a camo tumbler for more info! https://artresinfauxrizzle.com/blog/how-to-make-a-camo-tumbler/

For more tips and tricks on creating tumblers using our resin visit our blog https://artresinfauxrizzle.com/blog/tips-tricks-and-troubleshooting-on-tumblers/

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