​5 Fun Projects to Do While Quarantined (That Will Also Make Your Next Party a Hit!)

​5 Fun Projects to Do While Quarantined (That Will Also Make Your Next Party a Hit!)

Published by Ethan Storeng on Apr 24th 2020

As a nation suffers through prolonged quarantining and self-isolation, it’s inevitable that many will feel the

sting of boredom. It’s only natural – you’re cooped up at home with no end in sight, and there’s only so

many hours of Netflix you can watch before you’ve gotta get off the couch and get something done!

Fortunately, we’ve got your back with 5 fun projects you can do with Faux Rizzle products while you’re

under quarantine that will make you the envy of all when you host your post-quarantine get-togethers!

1. Ocean Table https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUcnlfl0xSk694nlv80vsPQ

Sure, you might not be able to have guests over for the time being, but once this is all over, it’s going to

be nothing but soirees, parties, and game nights as friends and couples across the nation reconvene to

catch up. Why not throw your bash in style by creating a beautiful, vibrant ocean table? There’s nothing

like making something that’s both beautiful and functional, and nothing will fill your friends with envy

more than serving drinks and appetizers on your wavy ocean table! And speaking of serving…

2. Cheeseboard Set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL9jsvtPADk

Why not make the rounds at your inevitable post-COVID-19 bash with a unique hand-designed and

poured cheeseboard set? Your guests are sure to ooh and ahh over your unique style and sense of

creativity as they treat themselves to cheese and crackers. While this cheeseboard set is a perfect choice

to showcase your culinary creations, you’ll still need strategic spots around the room for your guests to

set their drinks down. That brings us to…

3. Soapstone Side Tables https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD-803ndbl8

Natural soapstone is absolutely beautiful – there’s no getting around it. Unfortunately, real soapstone

surfaces can be incredibly pricey, and are porous enough to soak up and retain all sorts of bacteria,

which makes stone coating a much less viable option in today’s economic and health climate.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back with a much more cost-effective option – create your own soapstone

look with these amazing side tables! Whether you opt for the matte finish, or the high gloss effect, your

guests will simmer with envy when you tell them how easily – and cheaply – you made these gorgeous

side tables that mimic the beauty and color of natural soapstone! If that’s not enough, you can always

bring them back to your kitchen and show off your…

4. Floral Cutting Board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk__zxyDA_0

Mixing the wild beauty of nature with the antiseptic cleanliness of the kitchen, this beautiful cutting

board is enough to make anyone’s jaw hit the floor! Even better, depending on how you make it and

whether or not you have access to precision cutting tools, you can make beautiful floral coasters at the

same time. You’ll love preparing snacks for your get-together on this gorgeous cutting board, and any

guests lucky enough to see it will surely want one of their own! At this point, your stunning and versatile

display of resin expression will impress every one of your guests with your ability to maximize your time

spent indoors – but how will you inspire their jealousy and admiration once your party moves outside?

We’ve got just the thing…

5. Resin Cornhole Boards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWiBzD1kVYc

No party is complete without a fun activity for everyone to participate in and bond over, and cornhole

has always been a beloved favorite at our parties! Make your cornhole boards really pop with a custom-

design! The sky’s the limit with Faux Rizzle’s wide assortment of pigments and powders – if you can

dream it, then you can pour it! No matter what design you choose, we’re sure your handcrafted

cornhole board will be a hit!

Nothing truly lasts forever, and it won’t be long before our time spent in isolation and quarantine will

seem like a distant memory. Spending your time making these fun and striking projects will ensure that

your post-quarantine soirees are a hit and, perhaps more importantly, will fill your home with vibrant

and beautiful expressions of your creativity and skill!

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