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A Faux Rizzle Distributor receives wholesale discounts on premium art resin and extensive support to build their own paint & sip business without a high franchise cost. 


Faux Rizzle is an art resin that is UV resistant, non-yellowing, zero VOC, non-toxic, and odorless. This art resin is used for fluid painting, resurfacing objects, and casting objects. As an artist, you are searching for unique ways to either educate or supply your fellow artists with premium products that you believe in. Our distributors are given tools to independently create paint and sip experiences, or service their local artists so they can make a living doing what they are passionate about.  


To become a Faux Rizzle distributor you will not have to pay the $25k+ that other paint and sip franchises require. You won’t even pay ongoing consulting fees! We make this a minimal initial cost so that the Faux Rizzle distributor program is as accessible to as many artists as possible.


You will be backed by our team of resin artists and resin installers, and helped with product questions, designing fluid paint and sip experiences, and business strategies. We believe in our product and it’s ability to help artists to make a living doing what they love, that’s why we focus on selling Faux Rizzle through our distributors first and foremost.


Each Faux Rizzle distributor is entirely unique individual, and is treated as such. That’s why we ask that you start the process by filling out this form so we can get to know you better. Once we receive your information, our distributor representative will reach out and guide you on your journey towards becoming a Faux Rizzle distributor. 


Fill out the form to start your journey, it’s a minimal investment with huge rewards. 


We cannot wait to have you as a part of the team.

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